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If you are looking for a Green Home, then you need the help of real estate professionals who are knowledgeable in all types of Green Home technologies, Green Home listings, and Green Home lending opportunities. At Florida Green Home Brokers, you will find a team of Certified Eco-Brokers, LEED AP for HOMES Professionals, Green Real Estate Agents, Green Consultants and State Certified Energy Raters, as well as Green Lending Specialists who are at your service and are currently promoting Green Homes for sale in Florida. More ….

Green Certified Homes

Green Certified image - Florida Green Home BrokersGreen Home certifications and rating systems offer methods of certifying and scoring the energy efficiency and environmental stewardship of homes and projects. Different systems have been created for different types of homes. There are a number of organizations that have developed green rating systems. Each rating system has been developed by a combination of environmental advocates and members of the green building industry.

As Florida Green Home Brokers, we are knowledgeable in the different Green Rating Systems and offer the service of brokering the purchase and sale of homes that have earned green certifications. More …

Green Home MakeoversResidential solar panels - Florida Green Home Brokers

A Green Home Makeovers includes a 10 day turn-key upgrade of all of the energy consuming systems of a home such as air conditioning, windows, hot water heating, insulation, pool filtering and more, as well as the air quality, healthy home and water saving components.

Now you don’t have to settle for an ever increasing energy bill equivalent to a second mortgage when buying a home. Using a Home Energy Rating System Report (HERS) which we order to identify every prospective home purchase’s energy shortcomings, we can negotiate the purchase price of any home of your choice, in any neighborhood and in any price range, to include a total Green Home Makeover to meet acceptable levels of home energy efficiency at comparable home values, before you move in. More …..

We are also able to introduce special Green Home Purchase Financing that also includes the cost of the Green Home Makeover, all in one loan product.

NetZero Energy Green Home Opportunities

Happy green home family - Florida Green Home BrokersA NetZero Energy Home is one which uses less energy than it produces. This is usually achieved by creating an airtight, super-insulated home envelope and including a high efficiency heating and cooling system, zero-cost hot water heating and a solar electric system that generates the home’s own power. During the day, excess solar power generated is sold to the electric utility provider from which a lesser amount is bought back at night and on overcast days which results in a NetZero electric bill.

At Florida Green Home Brokers, we are knowledgeable in residential zero energy strategies, Green Home features and technologies, and can introduce you to the builders of NetZero Energy Homes, the inventory that they have for sale, as well as Green Home purchase opportunities. More …Florida Green Home Brokers Image

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We also contribute $250 per transaction to our Switch it Green, Switch it Forward fund to help fight low income family poverty and climate change, one solar panel at a time.

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Marius Smook – Lic. Real Estate Eco-Broker, LEED AP (Homes), Cert. Energy Rater.

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