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How we can help you to buy a green home.

Buy a green home

If your intention is to buy a green home, either to live or invest in, congratulations! Today there are compelling reasons to buy a green home instead of a standard home. One good reason is that as building codes rapidly change to mandate energy efficiency and healthy home standards, green homes will be the norm in the future when the time comes to resell your home. At that time, inefficient toxic homes will be devalued and fetch lower prices.

For clear evidence of the overwhelming trend for all homes to go green, one only has to look at the Realtor MLS system that now includes almost 30 green home features that can be selected by people wanting to buy a green home. The system is also starting to mandate the inclusion of a home energy efficiency HERS rating for every listing soon.

Another compelling reason is the real estate facts that even in past years, green homes sold faster and for more than comparable non-green certified homes. The above mentioned MLS and building code developments are predicted to accelerate this trend.

Buyers who are aware of these changing market conditions do not want to make the mistake of loosing money by ending up owning a home that is not green. Instead, they are making sure that the home that they buy is either green or can receive a green makeover before taking occupation.

Buy a green homeHowever, navigating the maze of standard green feature options can be challenging for those who are not familiar with them or how they inter-relate with one another.

Questions like, “would it make more sense to invest in an energy saving roof or to include spray foam insulation in the attic”, or “should I include a hybrid heat pump water heater or an on-demand gas water heater”?. The list is endless.

“Will I over capitalize in my neighborhood if I add a solar system” is another property value related concern, as is “how green should my home be to give me the greatest return on investment?”.



Other frequent questions are:

  • How do I know if the home that I intend buying is really green?
  • Is the home that I intend buying suitable for a green makeover at reasonable cost?
  • Which homes are the least expensive for a green makeover?
  • How much energy the home that I am interested in buying really save me?
  • Which home will cost me the least to turn into a zero energy home?

These are typical questions and concerns that buyers face who want to live in a home that saves energy, is non-toxic, is more durable, has great air quality, protects their investment, perhaps makes them some money instead of only costing them money, and which has the least impact on the planet as possible.

So, why and how can we help you to navigate the above concerns and needs to make smart choices when contemplating buying a new green home or a green makeover home?

The first part of our service is to consult with you to determine exactly what your green home needs are. That includes establishing if your motivation is energy saving, in-door air quality, durability, value building, investment, protecting the planet or a combination of the above.

Once we have established your motivation, then we will introduce you to the energy and water saving feature options, explain how they work, and how they can meet your needs.

Buy a green homeIf your intention is to go net-zero then we will explain to you the green feature choices that will allow you to achieve this in the most effective and cost effective way.

We will do the same for the indoor air quality optional features as well as the eco choices and landscaping choices.

Once we have established what green features and type of home you are after, then we will establish your standard features. This will include desired home size, floor plan and features, lot size, location, community, amenities and anything else that will affect the choice of the right home and property for you.

At this point, we will determine a budget and confirm your method of payment and or financing arrangements in order to ensure that you are in the strongest position possible to act fast when presented with the right property.

You will then receive  a selection of properties from us for you to review and visit at your convenience.

If you are purchasing a new construction home, then you will be offered feature options by the builder. As many of the features and their choices are inter-related, we will advise you on the most effective and economical holistic strategy. This will insure that you do not invest in features that are either incorrectly sized or that duplicate the satisfaction of your needs.

If you are purchasing a resale home that requires a green makeover before or after moving in, then we will identify the features that need to be replaced. We will also provide a before and after makeover home Energy Rating (HERS) estimate.

As many  features can be considered for a green makeover and as their choices are inter-related, we will advise you on the most effective and economical holistic strategy. This will also insure that you do not invest in unnecessary features.  Our green makeover purchase service also includes being introduced to licensed and approved green contractors who can carry out the required work.

Finally, we will help you to negotiate a fair purchase price, and that it includes any buyer incentives that may be available to you.

Please also see our information about the One-time close construction loan as well as the Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) and other useful loans on our Green Home Financing page.

Our services are always FREE to Buyers, and we contribute $500 towards closing costs if you buy through us, as well as $250 toward our Switch to Green, Switch it Forward Fund, to help fight poverty and climate change.

Let us show you how we can be Your Green Team to help you to Live in a High Performance Green Home, that will Save You Money and help you to Pay Your Mortgage Off Years Earlier, while at the same time, live in a home that is Healthier, More Comfortable, Safer and Kinder To The Earth.

Thank you for visiting. Please leave a comment below and then check out the rest of our BLOG. We look forward to making Green Home living your reality.

Marius J Smook – Licensed Real Estate Eco-Broker, LEED AP for HOMES, Home Energy Rater.

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 February 15, 2016

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