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Buyer title closing costs work sheet

Buyer closing costs

Below are the typical buyer closing costs for a residential home buyer (excluding lender closing costs and pro-rations). Use the form as a worksheet to calculate your buyer closing costs by adding and totaling your estimates in the Estimate $ column. Use the linked calculators and the provided pro-rata formula to obtain estimates.

CostEstimate $How calculated Explanation
Settlement/Closing fee – paid to title company$As quoted. Usually $100To conduct the closing
Title search fee – paid to title company$As quoted. Usually $100To conduct a search for title defects / hidden claims against title.
Examination fee – paid to title company $As quoted. Usually $75To conduct a search for title defects / hidden claims against title.
Lender Title insurance – paid to title company$ CalculatorLender protection against title defects / hidden claims against title.
Deed recording fee – paid to the county court$Court set fee. $30 max.To make public record of purchase
Taxes proration – Credited to seller $Pro-rata share of year tax bill.See formula below *Tax credit to seller for pro-rata year ownership of property.
Attorney fees – paid to attorney$As quoted or hourly rateFor any legal service provided
Courier and copy fees – Paid to title company$As charged. Approx. $50Cost of moving docs to and from parties involved in the closing
Well water test – paid to inspector$As quoted if applicable. Usually $350Cost of making sure that the well is working and water is viable
Septic tank test paid to inspector$As quoted if applicable. Usually $350To make sure that septic tanks is operable and its useful remaining life
Home inspection paid to inspector$As quoted.
Usually $350
To check the integrity of the home structure and all fixtures, systems, and appliances.
Homeowners insurance – paid to insurance co.$As quoted Homeowner protection against natural hazards, fire and theft and additional for personal liability
Flood insurance – paid to insurance co. $As quoted if applicableHomeowner protection against flood damage
Other –$
Total title closing costs$


* How to calculate the pro-rata share of year tax bill

  • Go to the county property appraiser website and get the property taxes for the property.
  • Calculate how many days, excluding the sale date, were seller owned property days for the year.
  • Divide the calculated seller owned property days by 365
  • Multiply by 100 to arrive at a %
  • Apply the % to the tax bill to obtain the Pro-rata share of year tax bill.

Hopefully this information is helpful to buyers who want to know what their buyer title closing costs will be.

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Download a hard copy of the complete buyer closing costs work sheet.

Disclaimer: Please note that all of the above is public information, that I am not providing tax advice, and that you should consult a licensed and certified tax professional before making any decisions about Florida property taxes.

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 December 24, 2014

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