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Buyer loan closing costs work sheet 

Buyer loan closing costs

Below are the typical closing costs for a residential home loan borrower (excluding title closing costs and pro-rations). Use the form as a worksheet to calculate your loan closing costs by adding and totaling your estimates in the Estimate $ column. Use the linked calculators and the provided pro-rata formula to obtain estimates.


CostEstimate $How calculated Explanation
Loan discount points paid to lender $As quoted if applicable. Usually .25 – 4% pointsPaid in exchange for a lower interest rate.
Origination fee – paid to lender $As quoted if applicable. Usually .25 – 4% pointsLender junk fee
Lender Document Preparation Fees – paid to lender $Usually $300 – $600Lender junk fee
Processing and underwriting fee  – paid to lender $Usually $300 – $500Junk fee to process the loan
FL Form 9 Endorsements – paid to title agent $Approx. 10% of annual title insurance premium.Provides additional title insurance protection in Florida
ALTA 8 .1 Environmental  fee – title agent $Usually $25Provides additional title insurance protection against environmental risks.
Appraisal  – paid to appraiser or lender $ As quoted. Usually $400 – $500To estimate value of lender’s collateral
Survey  – paid to surveyor $As quoted. Usually $350To show boundaries, elevations and improvements to property.
Flood certification – Paid to title agent $Usually $15To confirm if property is in a flood zone.
Flood elevation  certificate – Paid to surveyor $Usually $350 or $0 if can be assumed from sellerTo show compliance with the floodplain management ordinance.
Pest  inspection  – paid to inspector $As quoted. Usually $ 75To check for termites or any other pest infestations in the home structure.
Interest to closing paid to lender $As calculatedPrepayment for loan interest from the closing date to the end of the month.
Private mortgage insurance – paid to PMI provider $One year prepaid – if loan is above 80% LTV. Calculator.Additional  lender protection against default of high LTV loan.
Mortgage insurance premium – paid to MIP provider $One year prepaid – if loan is above 80% LTVLender protection against default of high loan to value (LTV).
Documentary stamp on the note – paid to FL State $Loan amount X $0.35Florida State tax on all mortgages
Intangible taxes – paid to FL State $Loan amount X 0.2%Florida State tax on new mortgages
Mortgage recording fee – paid to county $Court set fee schedule. $70 -$214.County tax
Credit report – paid to lender $As quoted. Usually $50For underwriter to determine credit portfolio.
Other – $
Total loan closing costs $


Hopefully this information is helpful to buyers who want to know what their loan closing costs will be.
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Download a hard copy of the complete buyer closing costs work sheet.

Disclaimer: Please note that all of the above is public information, that I am not providing tax advice, and that you should consult a licensed and certified tax professional before making any decisions about Florida property taxes.

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