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 Non toxic, eco friendly recycled carpet.

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Mohawk EverStrand carpet

Eco friendly carpet is now not only non toxic, but also diverts plastic from going into landfills.

One of the biggest culprits of toxic indoor air is what you smell when new carpeting has been laid in a home.

Standard carpet consists of synthetic materials, like olefin or nylon tufts, polypropylene, jute, solvent based adhesives, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or hydrocarbon resins, styrene-butradiene rubber (known as SBR), synthetic backings, and solvent based glue coatings.

This is another reason why the EPA has told us that the air in our homes is 5 – 10 times more polluted than the air outside.


New carpet smell is nothing other than the above toxic materials and the below cocktail of Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs) and chemicals off-gassing.

  • Toluene –   irritation of the eyes and nose; weakness, exhaustion, confusion, euphoria, dizziness, headache; dilated pupils, lacrimation (discharge of tears); anxiety, muscle fatigue, insomnia; numbness or tingling of the skin; dermatitis, liver and kidney damage.
  • 1,1,1,-Trichlorethane –  a possible human carcinogen.
  • Vinyl – associated with headaches, dizziness, confusion, incoordination, narcosis, nausea, vomiting
  • Urethane – suspect for damage to the kidneys and liver. May induce vomiting, coma, or hemorrhages.
  • Antistatic sprays – Eye and skin irritant
  • Artificial dyes – Associated with skin rashes, nausea, fatigue, burning, itching, headaches and difficulty breathing.
  • Antimicrobial treatments – suspected male and female reproductive hormone and possibly fetal development disruptor, and also shown to alter thyroid function.
  • p-Dichlorobenzene – a known carcinogen.
  • Naphthalene – a mothproofing chemical associated with  decreases in red blood cells, resulting in hemolytic anemia. Symptoms can be fatigue, lack of appetite, restlessness, and pale skin.
  • Fire retardant with PBDEs – a suspected thyroid, immune system, and brain damager.
  • Benzene – drowsiness, dizziness, rapid or irregular heartbeat, headaches, tremors, confusion unconsciousness, death.
  • Formaldehyde – eye irritation, nasal irritation, throat irritation, headache, chest discomfort – evidence in humans for the carcinogenicity
  • Styrene – associated with irritation to eyes, nose, respiratory system; headache, lassitude (weakness, exhaustion), dizziness, confusion, malaise (vague feeling of discomfort), drowsiness, unsteady gait; narcosis; defatting dermatitis; possible liver injury; reproductive effects
  • Acetone – associated with irritation eyes, nose, throat; headache, dizziness, central nervous system depression; dermatitis.
  • Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) – Suspected nerve and reproductive system damager.
Sources – U.S. National Library of Medicine – Toxnet database. Center for disease control database 
Non toxic, eco friendly carpet fibers are now being manufactured from billions of recycled plastic bottles, at the rate of 14,000 per minute. Instead of them going to the landfill where they will remain for hundreds of years, plastic bottles have become the eco friendly carpet base material for the EverStrand brand.

These beautiful and soft eco friendly carpet products are manufactured by the one of the world’s largest carpet and flooring companies, Mohawk Industries, employing more than 25,000 people in Calhoun, Georgia in the USA.

Reclaiming tons of plastic bottles from consumers every year since 1999, Mohawk Industries has recycled more than 30,000,000,000 plastic bottles and turned them into the EverStrand eco friendly carpet range. See a video of the recycling and manufacturing process of an EverStrand carpet.

Four sustainable choices are offered, one that consumes zero virgin petrochemical resources, one that utilizes even the by-products from the manufacturing process, and one that is making a positive global impact.

With regards to their effect on indoor air quality, there is no BPA (Bisphenol A, an organic compound found in the manufacture of plastic bottles and which is banned in other countries) used in Mohawk’s EverStrand carpets. Instead, 100% PET (polyethylene terephthalate, a plastic resin / form of polyester) is used. PET is recognized in plastic bottles in the USA by the number 1 stamped at the bottom.

A comprehensive listing of low-VOC carpet brands is published by the CRI, Carpet and Rug Industry, who awards the Green Label, and also the Green Label Plus labels to qualifying products. Mohawk’s EverStrand carpets qualify, and therefore contribute to safe and good indoor air quality.

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All of the green homes that we have for sale include EverStrandeco friendly carpet options.

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Marius Smook – Lic. Real Estate Eco-Broker, LEED AP (Homes), Cert. Energy Rater.

 January 14, 2015

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