Our Green Team

Green home team

If you want to buy a Green Home, then we are the right brokerage to work with.

Unlike other brokerages that deal in many different types of homes, we are a green certified real estate brokerage that specializes only in high performance green, energy efficient, eco friendly and healthy homes.

We are LEED for Homes, Accredited Professionals. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an international program that provides analysis and third-party verification of green buildings, homes and entire neighborhoods and communities.

As Energy Raters, we are trained to audit and rate residences, using site energy audit and performance test data.

Our lenders provide niche government insured Green Home lending opportunities as well as Energy Efficient and Improvement Mortgages.

Our Realtor Partners are all graduates of our training and can explain everything that you want to know about green home features.

Our team also consists of green certified builders, appraisers and title and insurance agents that understand green home transactions, and how to support their successful closings.

We understand how to fulfill your green home needs whether the home that you want to buy is new or existing.

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