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Energy efficient Clothes Washers and Dryers.


Energy efficient Clothes Washers and Dryers

New construction home Buyers are usually offered clothes washers and dryers as an optional extra. Resale home sales usually do not include these appliances.

Either scenario gives home Buyers the opportunity to acquire new technology energy efficient washers and driers that will save them money year after year, thereby reducing their cost of home ownership.

Lets take a look at both:

Clothes washer
If your household is like the average family that washes 300 loads per year, an ENERGY STAR certified model will cost only around $33 per year in energy @12c per kWh. That is approximately $40 less than non-qualified models and a whopping $190 per year less than models that are only ten years older.

The savings are the result of sophisticated sensors plus flipping and high pressure spraying instead of soaking technologies. In addition, larger tub capacities result in fewer washes.

Also, standard clothes washers use approximately 3,000 additional gallons of water per year. That’s an additional saving of $15 per year for the additional cost of approximately $100 when purchasing an ENERGY STAR qualified model.

Clothes dryer.
Depending on how many people live in a home, a clothes dryer consumes more energy than any other household appliance. On average, an ENERGY STAR qualified model uses 20% less energy.
The savings are achieved by way of a technology that can detect when clothes are dry and then switch the dryer off. According to ENERGY STAR, a saving of as much as $245 per year can be achieved.

Gas dryers can heat and dry clothes faster which makes them more energy efficient. But this depends on the local cost of electricity and gas. A downside for gas dryers is their initial cost of installation and a slightly higher product cost.

As can be see above, significant savings can be achieved when choosing energy efficient clothes washers and dryers.

Energy efficient clothes washers and dryers can be seen in all of our green home models.

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 November 15, 2015

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