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What makes a home green? Germicidal UV light. 

Or, how to kill mold spores before they can get into your lungs.

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Many standard homes have mold problems, especially in the hot and humid southern states of America.

Mold is responsible for a range of bronchial, respiratory and other related health problems. The perfect environment for it to flourish in a standard home is where it is dark and damp. The area around the air conditioner coil and drip pan inside the air handler is one such perfect environment. Air that blows over any mold in that area will excite their spores and cause them to become airborne and move with the flow of air, into the home interior. The above scenario can therefore be the source of contamination throughout the home via the forced air system, silently affecting the health of its occupants, even while they sleep.

Green homes address this problem very effectively because they include a technology called Germicidal Ultraviolet Irradiation, or simply known as UV light bulbs, inside their air conditioner air handlers.

UV is a short wavelength form light, also known as Electromagnetic Radiation which has the ability of destroying mold spores and other airborne things that humans would rather not come in contact with, such as pathogens, viruses and other harmful micro organisms. The light achieves this by destroying their DNA, which then disrupts their ability to function or reproduce.

UV light bulbs, which are 8-16 inches in length, are usually installed next to the air conditioner coil and are intensified by with the use of reflectors. The process is enhanced by continuously circulating the same air through the UV light.

To complete the process, the system also includes high efficiency air filtration to accumulate and remove the dead micro organisms from the airflow.

Germicidal Ultraviolet Irradiation is an effective way of enhancing indoor air quality, provided that the UV bulbs are kept clean and replaced annually.

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 September 26, 2014

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