Feb 092013

–    Green Homes For Beginners Class – Snack n Learn Invitation

Come and learn how you can save money, live healthier and safer, while protecting the environment  and increasing the value of your home at the same time, by going Green.

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Green Home

This is and opportunity to  learn the basics about green homes without being intimidated by any techno green talk. Come and meet new friends, relax, snack, have fun and learn. There is no obligation for anyone to buy anything or to do business with anyone.

 You will learn the following about Green Homes:

  • What Green Homes are, and the benefits of living in one.
  • How they significantly reduce home insurance costs.
  • How they save money by being energy and water efficient.
  • How they allow mortgages to be paid off faster.
  • How they qualify for tax credits and Green financing.
  • Why they increase in value, sell easier, and for more.
  • Why they are healthier because of superior air quality.
  • How they are more hurricane safe.
  • How they are professionally energy rated and LEED rated.
  • How to make Green improvements to your home.
  • How to buy any home Green, in any neighborhood.

Presenter:  Marius Smook – LEED AP (HOMES), Florida Energy Rater, Real Estate Eco-Broker

 1 hour.

 For more information about Green Homes Classes, please call 1800.540.2930. If you have your own group and venue, we will come to you.


 February 9, 2013