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 How green homes save money –  just like a fridge

Green homes save moneyImagine if your fridge has only a thin cardboard door and walls instead of the thick, heavily insulated door and walls that you are familiar with. Then consider how long that cardboard structure will be able to keep the food inside cold? About as long as ice cream in a box. To make matters worse, imagine punching holes into the cardboard and also installing a hot, bright light inside, and then consider how much harder the compressor under your fridge will have to work to keep the contents cold. Common sense tells you that even with the compressor working day and night, having little insulation and many holes in a thin structure would result in a losing battle, and your energy costs would be off the charts. 

Using a thermal camera, the below picture was taken of a standard home. The dark red shows where heat is escaping, and green areas show where cold is entering the home because of poor insulation and air leakage.

Thermal image of house The below picture shows all the many places where air can leak through the shell of the home, such as the soffits, top and sill plates, and where ever holes were made for pipes, vents, cables, windows, doors, chimneys and ventilation.




Home air leakes

Without adequate defense against outdoor temperatures entering the home, the air conditioner is forced to work continuously, which chases up energy costs. Green homes offer three main solutions to this problem, by 1) using effective, continuous insulation in the walls, attic and under the floor, and 2) having thermal windows, and 3) ensuring home air sealing so that every possible place where air can enter of leave the home is tightly sealed up. To make sure that these green features were properly installed and sealed tight, an energy rater contractor does an energy rating and special home air leakage test using blower door equipment.


Blower door test

The end result is that the major cause of expensive energy loss in a standard home is avoided by a green home. To give you and idea of how much that can be, firstly consider that a standard home’s air conditioner is responsible for about 35% – 45% of a home’s energy bill. That’s substantial. Effective insulation, thermal windows and air sealing can easily cut that cost in half, while at the same time providing a much healthier and more comfortable home, which is outweighed by the additional cost when retrofitting green and almost entirely when buying a new home. Even small savings add up, and if properly managed and if added to mortgage payments can ultimately save thousands of dollars in interest costs. Besides the energy savings, never lose sight of the big savings that are earned when it comes time to sell a green home, as green homes sell faster and for more.

Let us show you how we can be Your Green Dream Team to help you to Live in a High Performance Green Home, that will Save You Money and help you to Pay Your Mortgage Off Years Earlier, while at the same time,  live in a home that is Healthier, More Comfortable, Safer and Kinder To The Earth.

Where can I see a home that is properly insulated and sealed?

Effective insulation and air sealing is included in all of our green home models. If you would like us to direct you to our nearest model where you will be able to see, touch and feel this energy saving green technology, PLEASE MAKE CONTACT and we will respond and assist you. Remember to also check out the Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) and other useful loans on our Green Home Financing page.

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Marius J Smook – Licensed Real Estate Eco-Broker, LEED AP for HOMES, Home Energy Rater.

 August 26, 2014

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