Feb 282013

 What makes a home green? A heat pump.

A Heat Pump – a fridge in reverse.

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Residential heating and cooling has come a long way in recent years. Equipment that came into service ten years ago or more, uses much more energy than today’s high efficiency systems. The reason for this is the development of innovative new technologies such as heat pumps.

Old technology heating involves the expensive process of blowing air over resistance strip heaters. A new technology heat pump works like a fridge, which extracts heat from an already colder place and moves it to a warmer place.

It is an air conditioner that reverses the process of removing heat from the inside of the house in summer to extracting heat from the cold outdoors and moving it inside, during the heating season.

This efficient heating process uses much less energy than blowing air over resistance heating strips.

The operating costs of a heat pump and an air conditioner are similar during the summer months, but the energy costs for a heat pump are generally 30% to 40% less during winter than a conventional air conditioner and separate electric heating system.

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Marius Smook – Lic. Real Estate Eco-Broker, LEED AP (Homes), Cert. Energy Rater.

 February 28, 2013

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