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What makes a home green? A home automation system.


Home management system image - Florida Green Home BrokersBeing able to monitor and manage a home’s energy consuming appliances and electronics, as well as its security features with a home automation system, has great advantages for green homeowners.

Unnecessary energy costs can mostly be attributed to appliances working at the same rate while a home’s occupants are not there as they do when they are at home.  Good examples are hot water heaters, air conditioners, lights and phantom loads caused by TVs, printers, small appliances all running and maintaining use readiness while occupants are away for a day, weeks or even longer. Some of these appliances can’t be completely shut off, and a home that is not lit at night and is lit during the day is venerable to burglars. The problem is compounded by a homeowner not knowing which appliances use the most energy and at what time of the day, making expense budgeting and their management impossible.

Being green includes the practice of saving and not wasting, and so all of the above are seen to be unsustainable.

Enter the remote controlled home automation system: a built in power monitor that measures energy use, while providing the occupants the ability to control, regulate and adjust it while away from home.

The system consists of a web portal that can be accessed via any mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet, an in-home communicator and remote switches and controllers that are attached to outlets and appliances, heaters and thermostats.

Homeowners can lower their hot water heater or air conditioner thermostat set-point during the day or switch it off during peak rate times and only run it when daily energy rates are at the lowest. They can also program lights to come on at night and switch off in the morning as well as check that all the doors are locked during the day and unlock them when family members return. Security alarms can be monitored and responded to remotely, and reports can be ordered for detailed analysis of energy consumption analysis, and future budgeting and planning.

A remote controlled home automation system is standard in many of our green home models.

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Marius J Smook – Licensed Real Estate Eco-Broker, LEED AP for HOMES, Home Energy Rater.


 September 14, 2013

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