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Impact resistant windows

Impact resistant windows

Impact windows are one of the superior features of a green home because of the additional safety, durability and savings that they afford homeowners.

Standard homes are usually fitted with non-impact resistant windows that have one single pane of glass which is easily broken by storm winds, flying debris, and also forced entry. In the event of a hurricane, wind entering the home via broken windows results in catastrophic damage as it lifts the roof off and allows water to enter and destroy everything.

High impact window vinyl interlayer

Image credit to Verrage Glass and Mirror

Because non-impact window frames are not reinforced, they tend to have a shorter lifespan and require expensive maintenance.

From an occupant safety standpoint, being vulnerable to easy forced entry means that homeowners can be subjected to burglary and other crimes more easily. Blasts and explosions can cause standard panes of glass to break into pieces that can fly through the air and seriously injure people. Falling against glass that breaks into lethal shards can also cause lethal lacerations to occupants.

Impact window glazing includes a transparent vinyl interlayer film which is laminated between two or more panes of glass. This film is the same safety glass technology that is used to manufacture motor car windshields.

The interlayer film, made from either Ethylene Vinyl Acetate – EVA or Poly Vinyl Butyral – PVB,  and applied via a heat process, also acts like glue to keep the panes of glass together. This in turn helps to further increase the structural integrity and strength of the window, and contributing towards its impact resistant characteristics.

To undoubtedly witness the absolute robustness of impact resistant glass, please take a minute to watch this impressive video:

In conclusion, the unique features that impact resistant windows offer compared to standard non-impact resistant windows are:

  • Robust stainless steel hardware – providing increased durability and reduced maintenance.High impact window frame
  • Lifetime and full warranties – avoiding expensive repairs.
  • Proper testing and state approved hurricane wind ratings – providing peace of mind.
  • Steel reinforced heavy frames – to withstand direct forces and ensure longevity.
  • Advanced sash balancing systems – to open and close much heavier sashes more easily.
  • Thicker and wider frames – providing additional structural strength.
  • Frame welding instead of screws – preventing frame failure via contraction and expansion.
  • Weather resistance – resulting in window longevity and less maintenance
  • Energy cost savings – due to multiple window panes that add to home shell insulation.
  • Insurance cost savings – due to reduced risk to insurance providers.
  • Maintenance and replacement cost savings – due to durability and superior construction.

Where can you see impact resistant windows in action?

Impact resistant windows can be seen in some of our green home models. If you would like us to direct you to our nearest model where you will be able to see, touch and feel this green technology, PLEASE REGISTER and we will respond to assist you.

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Marius J Smook – Licensed Real Estate Eco-Broker, LEED AP for HOMES, Home Energy Rater.

 September 13, 2014

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