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What makes a home green? Insulating concrete forms.

The home energy, Lego solution.

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Insulating concrete forms addresses two of the most important elements of green homes, which are effective insulation and airtight construction. If the latter is effective and does not either leak conditioned air out, or unconditioned air in, then a green home’s air conditioner works less, costs less to run, and does less harm to the environment.

Conventional construction is hard to seal against air and moisture infiltration, and walls are usually not thick enough to allow for effective insulation.

Popularly known in green circles as ICFs, Insulating concrete forms  are a system for creating insulated, poured concrete walls of optional thickness and insulating properties. They are made up of two insulating panels of Expanded Polystyrene, popularly known as EPS,  that stay in place while concrete is poured into the space between them. The forms are held together by ties which also protrude slightly through them to act as furring, so that exterior finishes can be applied to them.

Insulating concrete forms are stackable, and come in different configurations, which allow for them to be used to build structures of many different shapes and sizes, similar to a Lego Block system.

Insulating concrete forms have enjoyed wide acceptance because of the following features:

  • They allow for faster construction.
  • Because of its thermal mass and air-tight qualities, it is able to maintain a constant internal temperature which aids energy efficiency and resulting lower costs.
  • Because it is so solid and durable, it is able to withstand high winds, rain and even earthquakes.
  • Sound deadening qualities provide for quiet interiors.
  • Provides insurance discount opportunities, because it exceeds all building codes.
  • A superior alternative to wood frame construction.
  • Termites and bugs are not attracted.
  • Improved indoor air quality is achieved due to air tightness of this method of construction. See all of our indoor air quality articles.

See the technical details about insulating concrete forms.

See our model homes that have been constructed with insulating concrete forms in Palm Coast and also in Stuart.

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Marius Smook – Lic. Real Estate Eco-Broker, LEED AP (Homes), Cert. Energy Rater.

 April 11, 2013

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