Jul 102013

Palm Harbor, Zero Energy, LEED Certified Home image - Florida Green Home BrokersZero Energy, LEED Certified Homes for sale, on a nature reserve, in Palm Harbor Florida.

Who wouldn’t like to live in a home with no electric bill, one that conserves water, has great air quality, and when you look out of the window, you see a 8,700 acre nature reserve?

 30 unique lots are available for a short period of time before they get snatched up by buyers wanting to live  a sustainable lifestyle surrounded by nature.

Final pricing, home and lot sizes and model allocations will only be ready mid August 2013. However, to give an idea of what can be expected, please visit our page which is dedicated to “The Wilds” in Palm Harbor.

If this is the kind of home and lifestyle that interests you, then we urge you not to delay but to come and see us to discuss your needs as soon as possible, as we expect to be sold out by the end of August.

OUR SERVICES ARE FREE AND WE CONTRIBUTE $500 TOWARDS YOUR CLOSING COSTS when you select one of the LEED certified homes and buy it through us.  We also contribute $250 per transaction to our Switch to green, Switch it Forward fund to help fight low income family poverty and climate change, one solar panel at a time.

Palm Harbor, Zero Energy, LEED Certified Home image - Florida Green Home Brokers

See our model for LEED certified homes.

Our services are always FREE to Buyers, and we contribute $500 towards closing costs if you buy through us, as well as $250 toward our Switch to Green, Switch it Forward Fund, to help fight poverty and climate change.

Let us show you how we can be Your Green Dream Team to help you to Live in a High Performance Green Home, that will Save You Money and help you to Pay Your Mortgage Off Years Earlier, while at the same time, live in a home that is Healthier, More Comfortable, Safer and Kinder To The Earth.

For more information, PLEASE REGISTER. We look forward to making Green Home living your reality.

Marius J Smook – Licensed Real Estate Eco-Broker, LEED AP for HOMES, Home Energy Rater.


 July 10, 2013

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