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What makes a home green? A Low flow shower head.

So what’s wrong with our old shower head that we have lived with for so long? Low flow showerhead image - Florida Green Home Brokers

Standard homes waste water because of water inefficient appliances and fixtures, the biggest culprits being shower heads. Not only do we not need as much water as we are accustomed to using to get a great shower, but most of it simply goes down the drain, providing us with two unnecessary costs – the cost of the wasted water, as well as the additional sewer cost.  

How does a low flow shower head make a difference?

Plumbing technology has changed in recent years – Enter the low flow shower head, which delivers 40% – 60% less water while still providing an effective shower and even a more pleasurable experience. Not only is water saved, but new water pulsing options introduce a level of therapy to the user.

Standard shower heads deliver 3-5 gallons of water per minute, while water efficient models  only 1.3 – 1.9 gallons per minute.

These green shower heads, as well as all other water saving fixtures, are easily identified if they have the WaterSense label, which is the official stamp of water efficiency approval that is provided by the Department of Energy.

 It is estimated that if only one in four American homes switch to WaterSense labeled fixtures, 185 billion gallons and almost 5 billion dollars would be saved per year.

Where can you see a low flow shower head in action?

Low flow shower heads are standard features in all of our green home models.

Please request more information if you would like us to direct you to our nearest model where you will be able to see, touch and feel this water and money saving green technology.

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Marius J Smook – Licensed Real Estate Eco-Broker, LEED AP for HOMES, Home Energy Rater.

 September 18, 2013

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