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NO VOC paint

NO VOC paint

Standard homes are painted with regular paint, which contains a number of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) including heavy metals and formaldehyde.

VOCs are chemicals that have a high evaporation rate, meaning that they sublimate (change from solid to gas while skipping the liquid stage) and off-gas at very low temperatures. The VOCs in regular paint sublimate at ambient room temperatures.

Unless a home that has been painted with regular paint is constantly ventilated with fresh air, the VOCs accumulate and build to levels that are dangerous to the health of the occupants. This is the case with all homes that are air conditioned, because closed windows and doors are required for the system to work properly.

VOCs can take many years to stop off-gassing and are known to cause respiratory problems like asthma, various types of cancer, liver, kidney, nervous system, and brain damage.

Children and pets are particularly venerable to the dangers of these harmful ingredients in regular paint.

Green homes are painted internally with natural paints that have VERY LOW or NO VOCs, and which are low in formaldehyde and heavy metal content..

Instead, or being manufactured from chemicals, they include water, essential oils, dyes and colors extracted from plants, natural latexes, beeswax, milk casein and plant oils.

Natural paints are not difficult to spot. All that you have to do is read the label and then ask yourself if you recognize any of them. If they sound like words that you would find in a Greek technical journal, then you might want to consider another product for your family to breath in while they are asleep at night.

Another measure of low volatility is the solids content of a paint. Solids and pigments, which constitute 25% to 40% of paint product volumes in paints are much less volatile than paints with low percentages.

Even though some products claim to be LOW or NO VOC paint, careful scrutiny of the label might still reveal synthetic colorants, biocides and fungicides (chemicals that attack undesirable organisms).

Also, a good LOW or NO VOC paint can be quickly contaminated by an added tint, when trying to get that perfect color match for a home’s interior.

As homeowners become more educated about the harmful health effects of VOCs in paint, a  Google search for NO VOC paint will quickly reveal an ever growing list of acceptable products.

All of the above also applies to solvent-borne stains, varnishes, and other surface coatings.

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All of the green homes that we have for sale include LOW or NO VOC paint options.

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Marius Smook – Lic. Real Estate Eco-Broker, LEED AP (Homes), Cert. Energy Rater.

 March 30, 2016

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