May 222013

What makes a home green? A Rainwater Collection System. 

A rainwater collection system saves water and the environment.

Rainwater Harvesting image - Florida Green Home BrokersRainwater collecting  is an innovative system that any homeowner can use to capture rainwater, store it and use it later for irrigation.

By combining Drip Irrigation with a  rainwater collection systems, homeowners can literally irrigate their landscapes for free.

The financial savings earned by homeowners that install rainwater collection systems and Drip Irrigation systems are substantial, but the real winner is the environment, as urban run-off is a major problem.

Urban run-off consists of the water that runs off impervious polluted surfaces, such as roads, driveways, pathways, and also toxic pesticide and fertilizer ridden turf.

The water is taken away by overloaded storm sewers at an increasing volume, as the number of developments keep growing, while attempting to push more water through an existing pipe system. The pipes cannot handle the combined flows and then back up, causing floods and, in some cases, are allowed to bypass treatment facilities and empty directly into the nearest water body.

The untreated high volumes of water disrupt the natural ecosystem with pollutants, and the increased velocity strips away the native vegetation and causes soil erosion, which ends up blocking our river mouths. Eventually all of our polluted storm water flows to the sea, and at the mouth of every major river in the world is a dead zone, caused by problems associated with urban run-off and storm water.

A Drip Irrigation System, fed by a rainwater collection system, helps to prevent these ecological problems, while saving homeowners thousands of dollars in utility costs, and improving property values.

rainwater collection systems can range in size and complexity. All systems have basic components, which include a rooftop catchment surface, a conveyance system, and a storage cistern which feeds the irrigation system.


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Marius Smook – Lic. Real Estate Eco-Broker, LEED AP (Homes), Cert. Energy Rater.

 May 22, 2013

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