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What makes a home green? A Salt Free Water Softener.

The standard home scale and hard water problem:

Lime scale - Florida Green Home BrokersStandard homes, especially in Florida, have a problem with hard water, which forms lime scale inside all of the water appliances and piping. It’s caused by the high content of calcium and magnesium that precipitates out of the water and can easily be seen inside kettles or around bathroom or kitchen sink outlets.

When the scale starts to clog up appliances such as water heaters and dishwashers, it causes them to work inefficiently and use more energy. Not only does this hurt the homeowner’s pocket, but so does the streaks of lime scale that have to be removed from glasses, windows and shower enclosures, using toxic chemicals.

Hard water also requires more laundry detergents to work properly, and our bodies require more soap and shampoo to keep us clean, all of which are also additional home ownership expenses.

Soft water makers have traditionally been used in standard homes to address this problem, however, not only are they expensive and bulky, but they also require regular maintenance, including adding salt and flushing out brine, which is harmful to the environment.

The Green Home Solution:

to Green homes are free of lime scale problems because they are fitted with Salt Free Water Softeners that are designed to prevent the formation of scale at a fraction of the cost and without the use of bulky equipment, chemicals or salt.

So what is a Salt Free Water Softener and how does it work? 

Scale Blaster - Florida Green Home Brokers

Scale Blaster – Florida Green Home Brokers

A Salt Free Water Softener treats the water by inducing magnetic and electric fields with a continuous changing frequency. This forces the dissolved minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium to crystallize in the water before the ions settle to form scale of the walls of piping and in all water appliances. This action stops any further build up of hard scale by preventing the settlement of dissolved mineral ions on whatever surface. The capability of water to dissolve minerals will also be increased while existing hard scale layers will be softened and slowly wash down the drain.

A Salt Free Water Softener does not remove the beneficial calcium and magnesium minerals from the water. Instead, it simply changes the property of the hardness minerals so that they stay in solution without forming scale.

What makes a Salt Free Water Softener green?

An Ultrasonic Scale Remover is green because it can lower water, sewer and power bills, stops the damaging effects of salt and brine to the environment, increases the efficiency and life of water appliances and reduces the need and use of cleaning chemicals.

Where can I see a Salt Free Water Softener in action?

Salt Free Water Softener can be seen in some of our green home models. If you would like us to direct you to our nearest model where you will be able to see, touch and feel this energy saving green technology, PLEASE MAKE CONTACT and we will respond and assist you.

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Marius J Smook – Licensed Real Estate Eco-Broker, LEED AP for HOMES, Home Energy Rater.


 January 16, 2014

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