Jun 302013

What makes a home green? Structural Insulated Panels.

The green home alternative to air, moisture and temperature intrusion.

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Conventional construction is hard to seal against air and moisture infiltration, and walls are usually not thick enough to allow for effective temperature insulation.

One solution for green homes is Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), which are made from sheets of dense foam insulation, laminated and sandwiched between boards, large enough to create entire walls, floors and roofs, that form a super insulated and continuous air and moisture barrier. 

SIPs greatly assist in maintaining good indoor air quality. See all of our indoor air quality articles.

The boards are made from either orientated strands of wood (OSB) or fiber cement, and the panels, 3 times stronger than conventional stud walls, are prefabricated in a factory, and then delivered and erected on site. Both are lightweight and able to be erected by a few people in only a few hours.  

The fiber cement boards also add a fire safety factor alternative to Gypsum drywall, are mold, rot, mildew, insect and water vapor resistant, while the OSB boards makes use of recycled wood. Both create reduced manufacturing and transport costs, thereby providing additional green features.

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Marius Smook – Lic. Real Estate Eco-Broker, LEED AP (Homes), Cert. Energy Rater.

 June 30, 2013

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