Jun 012013

Switch It Green, Switch It Forward

So, what is Switch it Green, Switch it Forward all about, and how can it help to alleviate poverty and climate change, one solar panel at a time?

Switching It Green, Switch It Forward imageWe have started this new movement to help the planet and also help low income family homeowners to eliminate their electric bills. You can participate by simply switching who you pay for the products or services that you are already buying and paying for every month. Same services, same products. Basically just a switch of stores, but a huge difference and support for green and our fund that installs solar electric systems into low income family homes. The fund is made up from a % of income earned and donated by our supporting vendors when consumers switch to buy from them.

Once the solar electric systems are installed, the families benefit from their reduction in electricity costs and the planet benefits from the reduction of pollution and global warming because of the reduction in electricity production.

We are hoping for wide support as we provide this opportunity for like minded folks to  help the planet, and also help low income families to go green and save money, by simply switching who they pay for their products or services that they are already buying and paying for every month. 

Join us in making a difference …… Switch it Green, Switch it Forward. This is your opportunity to walk the green talk with us.

More info on http://www.switchitgreenswitchitforward.com/

 June 1, 2013

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