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The least expensive path to a zero energy home.

Zero energy home calcualtions

To get to zero energy, a home needs to make some of its own power, however, without a good strategy a solar electric system can be an expensive additional feature. But it does not have to be that way. The best strategy is to firstly make the home as energy efficient as possible so that the remaining energy load on the house is low enough to be satisfied by the smallest and least expensive solar electric system possible.

There is though one hurdle to overcome to achieve success: In the quest to make the home as energy efficient as possible, one is confronted with a multitude of different and sometimes confusing green feature options that are offered by builders. These features cannot be selected independently as they are interrelated and all impact each other holistically.

For example, there are many different types of wall, attic and floor insulation. Each is more or less effective than the other, as in how it is installed, and its rating and thickness. The choice of insulation will affect the interior temperatures in the home and, therefore, the capacity of the required heating and cooling system to provide occupant comfort.

A decision to then select a window upgrade that will include, Low-E, argon gas, tint or no tint, etc., will alter the system capacity decision. Choices for water heating,  appliances, ventilation, lighting, flooring material, window awnings etc., all also effect the choice of each, or the size, quality, location and quantity of each. Each selection must, therefore, be made holistically, for the whole house.

As certified energy raters and LEED professionals, we can do and Energy Rating and the other interrelating calculations for you, so that you can confidently make the green home choices that will allow you to invest in the most cost-effective solar electric system that will take you home to net zero energy.

Our ability to figure out the different builder policies, HOA, city, county and state rules and regulations and their rules for the required positioning of the solar panels, will also assist you in deciding on the right green home.

Finally, our knowledge of the different green financing options to incorporate any of the above features into your prospective home purchase, and the cooperation of the different builders in this regard, or the plans that are available to include them after closing, will also uniquely assist you in your green home buying decision making.

Don’t leave these important decisions to people who do not have the required green training. We look forward to you receiving the full advantage of our holistic “whole house” expertise, to help you to find  your least expensive path to zero.

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Our services are always FREE to Buyers, and we contribute $500 towards closing costs if you buy through us, as well as $250 toward our Switch to Green, Switch it Forward Fund, to help fight poverty and climate change.

Let us show you how we can be Your Green Dream Team to help you to Live in a High Performance Green Home, that will Save You Money and help you to Pay Your Mortgage Off Years Earlier, while at the same time, live in a home that is Healthier, More Comfortable, Safer and Kinder To The Earth.

For more information, PLEASE REGISTER. We look forward to making Green Home living your reality.

Marius J Smook – Licensed Real Estate Eco-Broker, LEED AP for HOMES, Home Energy Rater.

 September 10, 2014

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